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Simple Steps in Making Fabric Flower Brooch

world365trend: Here are the simple ways of making a Fabric Flower Brooch.

What you will need are:

  1. Fabric
  2. Glue
  3. Thread and Needle
  4. Small pieces of felt
  5. Button
  6. Brooch back


Step 1:

Use a circular card or cardboard (7cm) or jam jar lid as a template and draw around it five times with your different fabrics and cut them out.


Step 2:


Fold your neatly cut circular fabrics into quarters one after the other. Now use your needle with the thread (50cm long) to join the fabrics as shown below.

Step 3:


Using a running stitch, then sew along the rough and curved edges. Use nothing less than 10 stitches per petal quarter.

Step 4:


Gather them from both ends, and make them close together as they can be.

Step 5:


Simply tie both ends together with a double knot, but don’t make them to be too tight because they will become snap. Try a space out the petals equally, there will be a small hole at the middle, don’t worry it will covered.

Step 6:


Create a circle from a card or cardboard of 4cm and 2cm as a template and draw around them and cut out. First choose the way you want  your flower to go and then  stitch your brooch back with the largest felt circle.

Step 7:


Stitch or glue (preferable include a glue gun) your button to the flower, Glue the smaller felt circle on the open brooch pin to cover the stitching, and lastly glue the larger felt circle backing to the back of the flower.

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