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Pandemonium in front of APC National Leader’s House, Bola Tinubu at Ikoyi, Lagos

   Pandemonium in front of APC National Leader’s House, Bola Tinubu at Ikoyi, Lagos

Pandemonium was seen on Friday, 18th May, 2018 in front of APC National Leader’s House (Bola Tinubu) at Bourdilllon, Ikoyi, Lagos.

A faction of Iru Victoria Island LCDA of All Progressive Congress Party was seen with their placards protesting around Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s residence in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

One of the members of the faction told Ekocity Magazine, that, the essence of the protest was to call the attention of our national leader, Ahmed Tinubu, who believes in the dictates of democracy on the marginalization and electoral malpractice that characterized Iru Victoria Island LCDA APC Congress.

According to Mr. Niyi Oshoba, “there was no Congress in Iru Victoria Island LCDA. What we witnessed was thuggery, victimization and electoral malpractice. The Adeco faction hijacked the election with the aid of the security personnel there by disenfranchising legitimate party faithful”.

This marginalization had been an aged development in Iru LCDA. The indigenes doesn’t want to give voice to other residents in the LCDA who are not indigene of Oniru. Their monopolization of the party in Iru LCDA is painting our dear party an ugly image, which is not healthy for our great party, He added.

The party in her wisdom instituted State appeal panel to address the fall out of the Congress.

The Unity Forum faction which believe in the togetherness of the party wrote to the appeal panel. We were invited by the panel to address these differences but lo, the Adeco factions blatantly refused to honor the invitation, Mrs. Ashabi Oluwaseun said.

According to Mrs. Ashabi, Adeco faction in their obstinacy, refused to appear before the panel. We were sent back to our central chairman to address the differences. The panel instructed the central chairman to reconcile the differences by given the both factions 50 50 equal representation. The chairman called for a parley and the same faction didn’t show up.

We are here to register our dissatisfaction to annul the result sent to the State Party Secretariat as there was no Congress in Iru LCDA, she added.

After some hours of civil protest, Ekocity Magazine reported that the leaders of the Unity Forum faction were addressed by the party National leader, Bola Tinubu, who promised to look into their glitch.

Pandemonium in front of APC National Leader’s House, Bola Tinubu at Ikoyi, Lagos

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