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Home remedies to treat swollen gums

Swollen gums which is a common problem are characterized by discomfort and pains. They occured as a result of infections, allergy or gum injuries. Nutritional deficiencies or lack of oral hygiene also causes swollen gums.

The home remedies that can reduce your swollen gums are listed below.

  1. Rinse with salt water: Salt been known to have a good effective disinfectant, it is capable of reducing gum inflammation. All you have to do is to rinse your mouth with salt water, try this process two to three times daily, it can heal your swollen gum.
  2. Clove oil: Mix clove oil and black pepper and apply it to the swollen area. The pains and inflammation will go very soon.
  3. Rubbing with ginger-salt paste: A well grinded ginger, with the addition of a pinch of salt and little water. Apply and rub the paste into affected areas.
  4. Hot and cold compress: Hot compress is very effective if you have a really unbearable pains in your swollen gums. However cold compress can be used when it is only swollen with no pains. After soaking a cloth into warm water for hot compress or by wrapping an ice cube with a cloth for a cold compress, apply it to the swollen area for some time to get relief of pains and inflammation.

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