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DIY Upcycled Bangle Bracelets

Do it yourself (DIY) upcycled bangle bracelets with this simple tips.

  • A half yard of fabric will cover at least 10 bracelets.
  • Lightweight cotton fabric works best, since it’s supple and creates a smooth finished product.
  • The fabric edges will fray slightly, giving each bangle a nice texture, for a more durable bracelet, brush a coat of decoupage finish onto both the interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Kids can easily master the process (by cutting the strips for them first).

Materials needed:

  1. Rotary Cutter
  2. Straight Edge
  3. Lightweight Cotton Fabric
  4. Self-healing Mat
  5. Craft Glue
  6. Wooden Bangle


  1. Using rotary cutter and straight edge, cut fabric into 3/44-inch strips on self-healing mat (there’s no need to cut on bias). Length needed will depend on size of bangle, widest ones shown requires a few strips totaling 100 inches, while narrow ones need about 90 inches.
  2. Dab a dot of the glue inside of the bangle and press end of a fabric strip there, holding in place about a minute.
  3. Wrap strip around bangle, overlapping and leaving about 1/3 inch exposed, pulling fabric taut. When you reach strip’s end, glu to inside of bangle, and repeat until bangle is fully covered.

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