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Apple introduced 4 inch iPhone

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook, introduces a smaller 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE at Apple’s Cupertino campus. iPhones have grown up over the past nine years, going from the original 3.5-inch phones to a bigger 5.5-inch phones starting from iPhone 6S Plus.

The iPhone SE looks similer to iPhone 5S, which was Apple’s last 4-inch phone released in 2014. Apple sold 30 million phones that were 4-inches or smaller, there was not much demand for the recent 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch smartphones compared to the 4-inch smartphones. According to Mixpanel, a third of iPhone owners still use a device with a 4-inch screen or  smaller.

The specification of the 4-inch iPhone SE: Has the  same processor and graphics performance like iPhone 6S, Apple’s A9 chip is inside which doubles the speed, compactible with Hey Siri, the hands-free voice assistance, has a 12MP camera, and shoot 4K video. It also comes with NFC chip inside so that the phone can work with Apple Pay.

iPhone SE comes with 16GB at a price of $399, but will be free with a two-year contract or $17 a month on an installment plan.

Orders start on March 24, and will be available on March 31.

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